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EOS token is on FIRE - in route to $2500.00 USD after ICO ~! How to buy (outside of ICO) and store EOS with no questions asked!

August 17, 2017 - 4:09 pm
by Nandi Bear
EOS cryptocurrency on fire surges ahead steem power nandi bear luke

EOS - Decentralize Everything!

EOS is on fire and soon to be in route to what is rumored to be $2500.00 USD after ICO! So we decided to trade a few Steem for a few EOS! I absolutely and categorically LoVE my Steem so I didn't sell very much!

So where can a noob in the United States (can't participate in the EOS ICO unless you are not a noob and you know some stuff that noobs don't know) acquire some EOS? --- ↓

EOS crypto changelly nandi bear luke bitcoin cash

I bought some EOS!..

at Changelly (I know.. I am such a noob!)--- ↓

EOS crypto changelly nandi bear luke bitcoin cash

But first you'll need an EOS wallet or some wallet in which you can receive and securely store your EOS! --- ↓

EOS crypto EXODUS wallet nandi bear luke

EXODUS wallet - where to get it ↓ nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

PLEASE leave some comments! Talk a little!

↓ --- Bitconnect referral code --- ↓

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Pussy Natural Energy Drink review by Nandi Bear - August 2017

August 2, 2017 - 11:37 pm
by Nandi Bear


Hi fellow book readers I'm the Nandi Bear (or Luke) and this is my review of a peculiar and unexpectedly named energy drink - Pussy Natural Energy.

juan meza water tower painter video review pussy energy drink 2017 luke nandibear bitcoin

Featured in the above picture is a co-worker by the name of Juan Meza. After he learned that I might be tired or a somewhat exhausted from work he decided to provide me with a unique and peculiar beverage which is called Pussy Natural Energy Drink.

Pictured below.. That's me (Luke - Nandi Bear) with a cold (it was in the cooler) 8.45 ounce can of Pussy Natural Energy Drink that I just received from Juan!

pussy energy drink review luke august 2017
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Nandi Bear and his new Samsung Galaxy s8+ PLUS - US unlocked - and Gear VR virtual reality headset with controller

July 23, 2017 - 4:49 pm
by Nandi Bear
Nandi Bear and his new Samsung Galaxy s8 PLUS US unlocked and Gear VR virtual reality headset with controller Nandibear

Nandi Bear bought a new Samsung Galaxy s8+ PLUS (64 GB) - US unlocked - (and Gear VR virtual reality headset with controller) at Best Buy a few days ago.

I love the Samsung Galaxy s8+ PLUS (64 GB) and the Samsung Gear VR headset is remarkably cool to use and exceptionally thought-provoking.

There are many free apps for the virtual reality headset and one that I'd like to learn more about is called AltspaceVR -

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Nandi Bear explores the haunted Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg Mississippi

June 9, 2017 - 7:40 pm
by Nandi Bear

Video footage by the Nandi Bear - Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, Vicksburg, Mississippi - March 16, 2016.

The video was taken during the same month that murder suspect Rafael McCloud escaped from the Warren County Jail (escape occurred on March 2, 2016). McCloud was awaiting trail for the rape and murder of Sharon Wilson which occurred at the abandoned Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in June of 2015.

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