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Admin Login is a website where books can be tracked as they travel the planet. Just print a passport sticker and affix it to the inside cover of a book!

      Getting a passport for books that you are donating to charity or libraries (or gifting) is a spectacular and thought-provoking idea as you may be able to see where your books end up and the new owners throughout the years and maybe even a bit of international travel.

      Nandibear passports should also be used for books which you intend to keep for yourself. Someday (perhaps many, many years down the road) your books may end up in new hands. Nandibear passports never expire, they are good forever!

      First things first though. What is a Nandi Bear?

      The Nandi Bear is a cryptid animal who purportedly lives in Kenya and ostensibly elsewhere in east Africa. The bear is named for the Nandi people of Kenya who believe that the bear hunts humans and then eats their brains.

      Please don't be frightened! The Nandi Bear has evolved and adapted to the 21st century. He now thoroughly enjoys tracking books and even has his own website! is a remarkable and exceptional place where humans and Nandi Bears work together with the following objectives:

Tracking books as they travel the world. See where they've been and how far they've traveled! All books on the planet are eligible for Nandi Bear Passports. All that you need to do is login and go to:

Apply for Passports

Keeping the Nandi Bear informed and up-to-date. He likes to know where his books are presently located! If you receive, find or purchase a book which contains a NandiBear Passport sticker inside the front cover you'll be able to go online at and enter the book's unique Nandi Bear Passport number and see where the book has been in the past. At the same website you'll be able to get a digital Nandi Bear Passport Stamp for your book which will let others know of the book's new location and how you personally acquired (e.g., found it, bought at used book store, received as a gift) the book.

      If you've found, bought or received (or are giving away) a book which contains a Nandi Bear Passport sticker please login and go to:

Passport Stamps

Reading book reviews written by members of the Nandi Bear community!

Writing book reviews and letting the Nandi Bear know what you think about your book (any book)!

Rating books using our 5 star system

Donating books to readers around the planet!