Defcon23 - stylish and tremendously cool physical Bitcoins - 0.5 Ometeotl gold and silver 2016

December 2, 2016 - 2:17 pm  
by Nandi Bear  
defcon23 physical bitcoins ometeotl 0.5 gold silver 2016

The Nandi Bear has received two physical Bitcoins from coin maker Defcon23. The coins are stylish, tremendously cool and each comes with a hologram and it's own Certificate of Authenticity!

These two physical Biitcons are both called Ometeotl and the value of each coin is shown as 0.5 Bitcoin.  Both of these coins were made by Defcon23 sometime this year (2016).

Featured in the picture above the Ometeotl Bitcoin on the left is a zinc-alloyed silver plate and on the right a zinc-alloyed gold plate.

Evidently there will only be 100 of each (silver / gold) made and the Nandi Bear is the proud owner of #089 Ometeotl - gold as well as #089 Ometeotl - silver!

The Nandi Bear is exceptionally and exceedingly grateful for these physical Bitcoin gifts from coin maker Defcon23. For readers who are interested in learning more about Defcon23 you may do so at Roger Ver's Forum at this thread - i am defcon23 , bitcoin enthusiast, crypto anarchist and coin maker , Ask Me Anything!