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Nandi Bear explores the haunted Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg Mississippi

June 9, 2017 - 7:40 pm  
by Nandi Bear  

Video footage by the Nandi Bear - Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, Vicksburg, Mississippi - March 16, 2016.

The video was taken during the same month that murder suspect Rafael McCloud escaped from the Warren County Jail (escape occurred on March 2, 2016). McCloud was awaiting trail for the rape and murder of Sharon Wilson which occurred at the abandoned Kuhn Memorial State Hospital in June of 2015.

During the month of March 2016 Vicksburg Police, Mississippi State Police and the FBI searched through the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital nearly everyday searching for escapee McCloud.

McCloud was shot and killed on March 10, 2016 by a young women who he had taken hostage while on escape.

This footage of the haunted hospital in Vicksburg was taken less than a week later on March 16, 2016 by the Nandi Bear who had been working on a water tower (since the beginning of that same month of March) which is located on the hospital property.

Nandi Bear mississippi
Nandi Bear on top of the water tower.. Kuhn Memorial State Hospital seen on the ground

Here's a timeline of events in the video:

00:00 thru 00:29 - woods which are adjacent to hospital

00:30 - enter side fire door on first floor (there is a basement below this floor)

02:03 thru 02:13 - elevator shaft

03:10 - enter a large room through a door that says DINING above a wire mesh glass window

03:20 thru 03:33 - view of the water tower through 4 exterior windows (no glass in windows)

03:56 - enter stairwell to ascend to 2nd floor (staircase seen here also leads down to the basement..)

04:05 thru 04:14 - look through window (no glass) on staircase out into the woods

04:29 - enter through a door which says Department of Corrections on sign in the shape of the state of Mississippi

05:30 - look through window (no glass) out into the woods an at a small house

06:02 - enter through a door which was jammed close

06:23 - looked though an exterior window (no glass) at another window (no glass) which I sometimes thought that I could see some sort of movement in when sometimes looking up from the ground outside

06:56 - squeaky door

07:09 - glimpse of the water tower through exterior window (no glass)

07:35 thru 7:40 - good glimpse of the outside of the other side of the hospital through 2 windows (no glass)

08:03 thru 08:19 - a look out at the woods through 3 exterior windows (no glass)

09:10 - wire hangers

09:14 - a quick glance at the water tower through exterior window in room (no glass in window)

09:30 - enter stairwell to ascend to the 3rd floor

09:47 - 09:53 a pigeon in the stairwell

10:00 thru 11:00 - quick walk through the corridors of the 3rd floor

11:08 thru 11:15 - enter a room (very dark on camera) which I first thought of as a "kill room" which contained a pistachio green colored tile (approximately 4 or 5 inch tile) table. After I went outside again I had thoughts of an embalming table which might be in a morgue rather than some sort of kill/torture table. Later the same day I tried to think more objectively and while I cannot ascertain this as a fact it seems that it might have been a shower table (?) in which patients may have been washed while laying (or strapped to / or while sedated?) on it? There is a drain in this middle of the rectangular (approximately 6 feet in length) table.

11:54 - enter stairwell which contains a separate staircase which leads up to the outside on the roof

12:00 thru 12:18 - view from the roof and an excellent shot of the tank of the water tower (which is located on the hospital grounds)

12:18 - camera shuts off - I felt something touch my leg!!!

Aside from what has been captured on camera the Nandi Bear often heard doors being slammed open and closed while outside on the hospital grounds and on the water tower. Moreover, two of the windows (no glass) in the back of the hospital often seemed to display some sort of movement within.

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