The Great Bitconnect Heist - Greedy, witless birdbrained users at Bitconnect overdraw their accounts - August 2017 | Nandi Bear -

The Great Bitconnect Heist - Greedy, witless birdbrained users at Bitconnect overdraw their accounts - August 2017

August 28, 2017 - 1:08 am  
by Nandi Bear  
the great bitconnect heist greedy witless birdbrained users at bitconnect overdrawing their accounts august 2017

Greedy, witless birdbrained users at Bitconnect overdraw their accounts - August 2017

I have a small amount of money $$$ invested at Bitconnect. I really and truly don't know what to think about Bitconnect but I'd seen lots of people on Youtube making money with Bitconnect so I bought a couple of the coins and lent some back to them.

I'd like to see their lending program continue to be successful but if it cannot do so I have been prepared from the outset to lose the relatively small amount of money which I invested. Moreover, aside from the chance at making a little money I was also interested in the Bitconnect lending program as a social experiment.

In any event..

on or about the 20th day of August (2017) I realized, for the first time, that when withdrawing Bitcoin at the site that it was possible to overdraw the account.

I didn't overdraw my account though. Do you want to know why? If you do, then please read the following reasons in support of not over overdrawing an account at Bitconnect (I'm sure it's impossible by now anyway) -


I just generally don't like swindling, defrauding or living a deceitful life. I'm not saying that I haven't ever done (or that I still wouldn't do) some of those things in my entire life but I am saying that I don't like it and it's dirty and it's better to live a positive, honest, productive and worthwhile life.


If you have money invested (lent) in Bitconnect then how do you figure that you can both:

(a.) rob them and at the same time ---↓

(b.) expect everything to be ok with the money which you still have invested at their site?

As with all important decisions in life (especially financial stuff, stuff that might land you in jail and stuff that may break your heart) one should think as many (at least several) moves ahead. What will happen tomorrow if I do this today? What will happen next month if I do this today? What other obstacles will I be forced to confront later on if I do this today? How will this decision affect my loved ones?

On or about the night (late night) of August 24, 2017 or early morning (very early morning) of August 25, 2017 the Bitconnect site went down. No one was able to log into their account.

At some point during the day of August 25, 2017 Bitconnect issued a statement indicating that their site would reopen in two (2) days on August 27, 2017.

At some point during the day of August 27, 2017 (that was yesterday) the Bitconnect site was back up and many users were able to log back into their accounts and access their funds (including @nandibear!).

However, Bitconnect issued another statement on that same day (yesterday) indicating that users who had somehow previously (in the days leading up to the time that the site went down) withdrawn more money/coins than they really had would not be able to access their accounts for another number of days.

Moreover, when the said users are finally able to access their accounts (in a number of days) they will have a very limited amount of time to repay the missing money/coins.


If none of the foregoing made sense to anyone reading this post (I don't see how it wouldn't) then at very least, if nothing else, just consider the following -

Don't s-h-i-t in your backyard. nandi bear luke

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